Disney Princess Aprons

Disney Princess Aprons: Welp… Disney Still Hates Women


My Grandfather (God rest his outrageously old fashioned, prejudice bones) used to believe that a woman’s place is as a man’s servant. He would probably still believe that if he were alive today. Which means that I would kind of hate him as a person, but listening to him on the phone would be entertaining as hell! Especially if he talked in that old man “I’m waiting to die, please kill me” voice.

Well, apparently the makers of this thing were friend with my dear old granddad, because they actually advertise these Disney outfits as being perfect for cleaning and attending to the home. WTF??? Correct me if I’m wrong (kidding, I never pay attention to the comment section), but wasn’t Cinderella a slave before she was a princess? Wasn’t Ariel a girl who was oppressed by her father to the point where she couldn’t even leave her underwater neighborhood? Was Snow White dead for awhile?

Either way, I guess Disney wants to continue its oppression of women by telling them that even if they are royalty, they are still condemned to a life of slavery. After all it IS only 1910…. WAIT!!!

Alice in Wonderland Apron

Cinderella Apron

Elsa Apron

Little Mermaid Apron

Rapunzel Apron

Snow White Apron
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