Dog Goodies Subscription Box

Dog Goodies Subscription Box: Well This Is A bit Too Much


I don’t like cats very much, even though I have one (she was a rescue animal, and I assure you she gets all the love and food that she could ever want… that doesn’t mean that I like her though). I DO love dogs, just like everyone else on the planet should. And I full on agree that dogs should be rewarded on a constant basis for the companionship on a daily basis. However, there is a point where too much is just too much. This is such a point.

This is just like all of those “boxes” that can be sent to you on a monthly basis. you have seen them. They can contain food, toys, feminine products, they are starting come out with this for everything these days! This one is called “Bark Box”, and it is for your dog!

The boxes include things like treats, chews, and toys, each of which will be brushed into the corner of your living room, to collect dust and shedded hair until you die. You can pick between several plans that are defined by month, and each one is catered to the size of your dog!

Dog Goodies Subscription Box 2

Dog Goodies Subscription Box 3

Dog Goodies Subscription Box 4
$29+ From Bark Box

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