Dog Pajamas

This Dog Pajamas Will Give Your Furry Friend An Identity Crisis!


Do you love your dog? Of course you do! Dogs show us some of the best friendship we could ask for. They are there for us when we are sad, they are there to share our joyous times with us, and they show and unconditional, undying sense of loyalty to us… until the day they die. And all they ask in return is love and food and for you to pick up their poop for them!

So if you love your dog, you might not want to get him/her these dog pajamas. You see, dogs have fur, which acts as their clothes, and when you dress up your dog, you are actually making feel like its own clothes are stupid. So when you slap a costume on your dog, have you ever noticed that they lose the pep in their step? They are suddenly moping around with a look on their face as if it is the worst time of their life? Well that’s because it IS!!!

Anywho, these atrocities are custom made for your K-9, and they come in a variety of different patterns, including one that makes your dog look like a lamb, just in case you want to further their identity crisis!

Hopefully, in a justified future, your pooch will turn on you, and enslave you and everyone you know.

Dog Pajamas 2

Dog Pajamas 3

Dog Pajamas 4
$25 From Etsy

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