Dog Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle: Make You Dog Even More Comfortable On That Next Walk


Isn’t it great to be able to take your dog on a long walk or a hike through the woods. Enjoying the sights and smells the world has to offer. It can make for a very enjoyable day. But what happens when your beloved pooch cannot find a puddle or creek to take a long drink out of. More than likely your day of fun turns into a day of horror for Fido.

Sure you can do your best to let him borrow your water bottle. Pour some on the ground or in your hand like he is some kind of animal. Your dog deserves better than that, he deserves the dog water bottle.

This ingenious dog water bottle is simply screwed to the top of a regular water bottle and when your dog gets thirsty just squeeze and the small bowl fills with clean, cold water. Your dog will appreciate it and will no longer feel like having to resort to drinking his own urine to quench his thirst.

$19.95 From Amazon

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