Donut Pool Float

Donut Pool Float: Floatin’ On A Donut


I don’t know why The Simpsons never parodied Stephen King’s IT, but it seems like something they should do. They have already done almost 100 horror movie parodies for their infamous ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Halloween installments, and it would be so easy to poke fun at how much the end of that movie sucked!

And this could be a good starting prop, because we all float down here! That’s what the clown known as Pennywise said to Georgie right before he killed him in the movie. And this thing floats. In fact, it is MADE to float! It is an inner-tube that is made for the pool, and looks strikingly similar to a cartoon donut that you might see Homer munching on in the TV show.

This donut pool float is made of vinyl, and when it is fully inflated, it is a little over 4 feet wide! It has a bite shape taken out of the side, presumably taken by a 50 foot Homer Simpson. It also comes with a patch kit, just in case you try to bite into it yourself (moron)!

Normally, when you throw a donut into the pool, it gets all soggy, and tastes bad. Probably because of the chlorine. But this one doesn’t!

Donut Pool Float 2

Donut Pool Float 3

Donut Pool Float 4$19.99 From Amazon

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