Doughnut Sized Portable Power Strip

Doughnut Sized Portable Power Strip: Can You Handle All This Power?


If you find that you are on the road a lot, you understand the need for a lot of power. Think about how many devices you have that need to be charged on a daily basis. Your phone, laptop, camera, and various other devices. It becomes more complex if you are traveling with the full family. The amount of technology that needs to be charged can be rather overwhelming.

Can you imagine travelling with one of those large power strips? You need just about one for each member of the family and those typically do not even include the USB ports!

We just found a power supply that you and Homer Simpson will absolutely love! If you have had issues keeping all of your electronics charged you are going to want to check out the doughnut sized portable power strip. This ingenious device is capable of powering up to 5 devices via power outlets and two with USB outlets.

Rest assured, you will never have any issues powering up any of your devices in the future again.

Doughnut Sized Portable Power Strip 2

Doughnut Sized Portable Power Strip 3
$29 From KickStarter

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