Dragon Cake

A Dragon Cake Pan To Light Up Your Baking


Do you love to play around in the kitchen and make new dishes and baked goods? Personally, I love creating cakes. I find baking to be quite therapeutic and it helps me think about other things in life. The biggest problem I have with baking is the boredom that ensues from the constant square and round cakes. I am not the Cake Boss, I can’t make these huge cakes by hand, I need molds. I found one of the most amazing molds online today, it is the dragon cake pan.

This pan will make an incredible cake that will create a dragon protecting her three eggs. This would make the perfect centerpiece for anyone’s birthday who loves fantasy related material. Or you could hook up your Game of Thrones viewing party with this amazing cake. I have even heard of people making cornbread and beans with this majestic cake mold! That is a meal that even King Joffrey would enjoy at the purple wedding!

Honestly, this pan will take you as far as your imagination can go. From the distant land of Westeros to Erebor of Middle Earth. So grab your favorite cake mix and plan on creating one of the most magical cakes to come out of your oven. Best thing – you don’t have to be a Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons to enjoy this beast!

Dragon Cake Pan$29.99 From Amazon

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