Dragon Chess Set

Dragon Chess Set Lets You Play like a Targaryen


Are you ready for an epic battle that will take you to Westeros or maybe just only to your sitting room? Get ready for the dragon chess set. Winning this epic battle requires more than chess knowledge. You need to be strong, brave and also you need to be an experienced dragon slayer …!! Of course you will finally lose from someone who knows queen’s gambit and other chess stuff, but remember, journey is more important than destination!

Well, this unique Dragon Chess Set includes, a chess board, placed on the most evil platform which is totally black and has dead dragons on it, and countless dragons. To be clear there are 32 dragon pieces, not countless dragons! Pieces are tall, not dragon tall, but the dragon kings reach 2″, and are all made of pewter and finished in either gold or silver. Winning this battle will change your entire life and you will become… what you already are!!!

$182.64 From Amazon

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