Dragonscale Handbag of Holding

Keeping The World Stable With This Dragonscale Handbag of Holding


One thing is for sure in this crazy mixed up world. If we cannot be certain of the existence of climate change, ghosts, UFO’s, psychic abilities, or those birds that tell you to burn things, we can at least have faith in one infallible certainty. And that is that women be shopping!

And here to help with keeping a sane world to live in, is this Dragonscale Handbag of Holding! Now before you get scared, or go all PC on our *ss, this is not made from actual dragons. No animals were harmed, Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones is not going to hunt you down, and you can not melt it down into glass in order to kill a white-walker.

However, what you CAN do with this handbag, is show off your fashion flag, because the sleek design is made to look like the scales of a dragon! And it has plenty of storage space for the many extremely unnecessary things that women tend to carry around with them! Included in the many compartments are a couple water bottle holders, a document pocket, and outside pockets, each with a magnetic closing latch.

So, ladies, I urge you to buy this dragonscale handbag of holding… Our world depends on it!

Dragonscale Handbag of Holding 2

Dragonscale Handbag of Holding 3

Dragonscale Handbag of Holding 4
$59.99 From ThinkGeek

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