Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket: A Jacket For Alaskan Alcoholics!


Whenever I see a product like a drinking jacket, I laugh a little on the inside. And that’s just because I am probably better at drinking than you. So, when I described a hoodie that has a things like a built in straw in the drawstring, and hidden pouches to drink from, all I can picture is you trying to act normal. You look normal to anyone else, but you just slowly start getting more and more retarded, until you can’t stand anymore! I would like to videotape that.

This hoodie, however, is less of a way to drink incognito, but more a utility coat for the avid beer drinker… who happens to live in Alaska. Finally, a jacket that can turn you into a walking refrigerator without killing you!

The drinking jacket has some large hidden pockets for storing beers, and is made with materials that will keep them cold, while keeping you warm. It also has a pair of built-in, foldable gloves, so your drink can be ice cold and your hands won’t feel like they are going to fall off. The jacket has your normal pockets for other stuff too, and of course, there is a bottle cap on the zipper!

$84.99 From Missinginkshop

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