Dunkin' Buddy

Dunkin’ Buddy: The Best Invention Ever!


Whenever I get sent a product to describe for this site, there is usually a steady thought and research process. First, I say “hmm; I wonder what that is.” Then, I look it up. More times than not, that step is followed by me holding my head in my hands, cursing humanity, and questioning what kind of idiocracy we are living in, where people would actually pay their hard earned money for this sh*t!

But, on the contrary, I come across something so simply genius, that I wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

We all like cookies and we all like milk, and the combination of the 2 are one of the best snack options we can hope for. The problem is, if you do it right, you have to just sit there holding the cookie in the milk to soak it up. Well not anymore, because the Dunkin’ Buddy is a scoop that holds your cookie in the milk for you!

So there has to be a lot of science going on here, right? Nope… magnets!

Dunkin' Buddy 2

Dunkin' Buddy 3$9.95 From Dunking Buddy

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