Edible Stick On Eyes

Edible Stick On Eyes: Create Snacks With character


Anybody who happens to have kids knows that vegetables are not their friends. In fact, they would rather sit down and do homework with Darth Vader than eat a healthy does of peas and carrots. Although as parents we know that Darth Vader is not our friend, while vegetables are required for a healthy body and strong bones.

There are all sorts of tricks in the books and on the internet are designed to get kids to eat their veggies. The problem is that far too many kids are well aware of these tricks and will do whatever is necessary to thwart your evil plans. Thankfully, someone realized that kids love the Veggie Tales, and if vegetables actually looked like that they may not be considered the villian.

You can recreate this look with these edible stick on eyes and watch your kids get a laugh as their veggies come to life right in front of their eyes. I would suggest you let the veggies let your kids know that they are OK with getting eaten alive!

Edible Stick On Eyes 2

Edible Stick On Eyes 3

Edible Stick On Eyes 4

Edible Stick On Eyes 5
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