Empathy Cards

Empathy Cards: Using Humor To Fight The General Ick Of The World


As we all know being sick really sucks. But being terminally ill sucks even more. Simply because no one really knows how to treat you. For some reason, people feel as though you lost your sense of humor when you got sick. Typically, the same things are said over and over to you are truly sick of hearing them (no pun intended).

Sometimes, you just have to say fuck cancer or whatever disease someone is facing and treat them like a human being again.

Remember who this person was and what made them laugh before an illness came into the bloody picture. If you are not good with words, would you believe they are actual empathy cards that really speak what is on your mind. However, they tend to do it with more colors, flair, and overall humor.

Designed by Emily McDowell, these empathy cards truly help to speak what you want to say and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Just take a look at some of these clever cards and tell me at least one did not make you smile. And for someone who has a terminal illness that one smile is all they need for the day.

Empathy Cards 2

Empathy Cards 3

Empathy Cards 4

Empathy Cards 5

Empathy Cards 6$4.50 From Emily McDowell

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