Ephemeral Tattoo Ink

Ephemeral Tattoo Ink Is Designed to Fade In A Year


There are lots of reasons not to get a tattoo. Maybe it is against your religion. Maybe you don’t think it will look good when you get old and resemble a raisin. Maybe you just aren’t sure that you would want that butterfly on you ass for the rest of your life. As someone who has multiple tattoos (and plan on getting more), I my first assumption is that you are a p*ssy and are afraid of the pain.

Not really the case here, because this ink is for getting actual tattoos. Like with needles and pain and such. Sorry for calling you a p*ussy. But this ink is also designed to go away forever after a year. So if you decide that you don’t like your tat, wait a while. If you decide that you really love your tat, looks like you’re gonna have to pay to get it again!

Ephemeral Tattoo Ink 2

Ephemeral Tattoo Ink 3
Via Ephemeral Tattoos

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  • How can I buy this ink,
    Is it available online …??

    Moin Kazi July 20, 2016 2:02 am Reply

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