Evolution Bookends

Evolution Bookends: What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?


Do you have a few friends who do not believe in the theory of creationism? Why not have a little bit of fun at their expense? As long as they are not the type of person who gets a little too combative, you should be fine!

If they believe in creationism and have a good sense of humor why not show them this set of evolution bookends. This incredible set has been skillfully created from a single piece of steel. It is designed to look like an ape on the one side and a Homo Sapien on the other.

It is perfect to display your library of classics even if it doesn’t include any Charles Darwin! Whether you believe we formed from a puddle of ooze or by divine intervention these bookends will make your collection of books stand out! These make the perfect gift or you could always snag a set to place in your home or office and let the debates begin!

$38.36 From Amazon

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