Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains

Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains: This Will Save Lives!


Since the dawn of home living, one thing has plagued mankind like a disease. It is one of the most annoying design flaws since the freaking Hindenburg! I am talking of course, about ceiling fans that also have light bulb attachments. If you are like me, these things get you every time. Why? Because the cords aren’t labeled.

Almost every time I go to turn on the light, I pull the cord for the fan, and vise versa. Don’t relate? Think I’m a moron? Well tell me the last time you went 20 for 20 when operating these things. And now compare that to how many times you screwed up using a lightswitch. Touche’, mofo!

With that being said, this product is ingenus in its simplicity. These are little trinkets that you can hang from your ceiling fan cords that look like little fans and light bulbs. Think of it like 3D labeling!

Each purchase comes with two pieces, one bulb and one fan. And they only weigh .08 ounces, so there is like, no shipping fee!

Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains 2$14.47 From Amazon

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