Fucking Tea

Have Some F*cking Tea!


I have noticed over the past decade and a half or so, things are trying to become more and more extreme. With the rise in popularity for extreme sports, it seems you can’t have a product come out that you can’t imagine some wrestling announcer’s voice doing a promo for! I once saw an energy drink called Crazy Larry’s, that had a picture of a skeleton on the can… holding lit dynamite in each hand.

I’m not really complaining, I like over-the-top ridiculousness most of the time. I also like the word “f*ck”. It’s one of my favorite words. So when I see it in the actual name of a product, it makes me smile on the inside a bit.

So if you didn’t think you could take one of the most non-extreme things in the world, all it takes is one word. This is F*cking Tea, and that is exactly what it is. It’s f*cking tea. No, it’s not tea that you are supposed to drink while you are f*cking (although I suppose you could), it’s just f*cking tea.

The tea comes in three different blends, Calm The F*ck Down (sencha, liquorice, and peppermint), Shut The F*ck Up (chai masala), and Go The F*ck To Sleep (chamomile and peppermint).

$14.99 From Tea Heads Co.

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