Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered Water Bottle: Don’t Drink Pee!


I want to make one thing clear: I have never drank my own pee. Bear Grills insists that you should do this. But I have been with at least one chick that was into that kind of sh*t. And pee tastes very bitter. But, sh*t, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This filtered water bottle is the perfect water bottle for anyone who doesn’t want to drink their own pee! This bottle is filtering dirty water, and is at the top of its class! So you no longer have to drink… pee. Have you ever drank pee? I have. It’s not really fun to drink pee.

It is like a regular bottle, only it has a state if the art filtration system. This allows you to pee all you want, and your pee will be filtered into drinking water. Nah, just kidding; you can take dirty water and make it not dirty water! So now you don’t have to drink your own pee!

Filtered Water Bottle 2$124.95 From Amazon

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