Fire Extinguisher Booze Shaker Dispenser

Extinguish That Thirst With The Fire Extinguisher Booze Shaker Dispenser


When I first started drinking, many many years ago, I had a fire under my ass. Yes, I was that person. The one you didn’t want to bring to parties because I would drink all your booze and then I would get mean. It took me a long time to figure out that it was in my genes, and that I had to be picky about what type of alcohol I consumed in order to not be a belligerent *sshole.

If only I had this back then, maybe I would have been able to put that flame out, and spared at least a dozen people their broken faces. This is a booze dispenser that looks like a fire extinguisher, and might be the perfect thing to put you out!

It stands at a little over a foot tall, and it will mix any of your favorite drinks. It holds about 60 ounces of liquid.

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