Floral Penis Pattern Throw Pillow

Floral Penis Pattern Throw Pillow: Excuse Me? Is That A Penis On Your Pillow?


Do you feel as though your house has become bland and boring? Perhaps it is missing some of the fun from your younger years? Take a look at your couch, are the pillows covered with plaids, paisleys, and flowers? Do you happen to have any penises on that said couch? Aside from your husbands, who has been planted there for the past 10 to 20 years?

I am going to assume you more than likely have not started decorating your house with phallic symbols. If not, today is the perfect day to get started! All you need to give your home the feel of an elegant whore house is the floral penis pattern throw pillow. Designed to look like an elegant flower, all one has to do is look a tad bit closer. Upon inspection, you will find dicks of all shapes and sizes. Soft dicks, hard dicks, cut dicks, uncut dicks – there is truly a flavor for everyone!

Don’t worry about your mom seeing these pillows. Either she will miss all the cocks camouflaged in the pillow or she will want one for herself! Bring some floral phallic power into your home today!

$25.50 From LookHuman

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