Flying Fuck Helicopter

Flying Fuck RC Helicopter: It’s Time To Tell Your Neighbors What You Really Think


Do you just have neighbors that you absolutely can’t stand? Or perhaps that co-worker four cubicles down from you just sends you into a killing frenzy? Instead of doing something desperate or illegal, you can send a slightly more subtle message. Actually, it might not be that subtle when we think about it. Whatever the case it is going to give you a great deal of satisfaction, absolute satisfaction.

You can now fly a giant R/C Flying Fuck Helicopter over the person or people you despise. There is no need for face to face altercations. You can tell someone what you really think of them from the safety of your own home or office.

The flying fuck helicopter only takes 10 minutes to charge and gives you a fully glorious 7 minute fly time. Think how many people you could tell to fuck off in that time frame! This includes that bodybuilder who stole your girlfriend last year!

Don’t hold your emotions in anymore! Let out what you really want to tell people without fear of bodily harm or jail time!

$29.99 From Amazon

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