Friends Yellow Peephole Frame

Show Your Lack Of Friends With This Yellow Peephole Frame Replica From “Friends”!


“Seinfeld” was one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. You had the funny man, Jerry, the bumbling George, the eccentric Elaine, and the wacky Kramer. And when they got together, comedy gold would ensue. For years they infiltrated our living rooms and touched our hearts, having us in hysterics every step of the way!

But if you didn’t like actual comedy, then you probably watched “Friends”. And there was no more recognized symbol in that show, than the yellow picture frame, which hung around the peephole out of Monica and Rachel’s apartment door. The item was shown in almost every episode.

Well we can’t offer you the real thing (it probably sells for millions), but we can offer you this replica! So now you can represent your love of the show, and how lame you are, with this handcrafted look-a-like, painted the same mustard gold as your two favorite… whatever they were!

The picture frame comes ready to hang, and ready to kill your social status! Ironic that it is from a show called “Friends”!

friends peephole frame
$58.95 From Amazon

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