Fuck Off Sleep Mask

Fuck Off Sleep Mask: Do Not Awaken The Slumbering Demon!


If you ever met me you would hate me, because I am one of those people who is good at pretty much everything I try to do. Seems great, but it tends to make people mad for some reason. Probably because I am taking my vast array of talents, and wasting my life away not utilizing them… I just made myself sad.

One thing that I am REALLY good, and that I enjoy the most, is sleeping. So it is only natural that one of my pet peeves is being woken up out of a dead sleep. Seriously, many alarm clocks have fallen to my wrath, and God help you if you awake me yourself.

So here is a sleeping mask, that will send that message to anyone unfortunate enough to be unaware of your hatred of waking up. It is straight to the point, simply saying “F*ck Off”. So anyone even contemplating disturbing your slumber is entering at their own risk!

The mask is made from sleep mask stuff, and attaches via a strap. It is black in color, with the words in white embroidered across it. It also has a stylish shiny border!

$13.56 From Amazon

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