Funny Gym T-Shirts

Funny Gym T-Shirts: You A DTF Gym Rat, Brah?


Sup, brah? You been workin’ out, brah? That’s cool, man. I been workin’ my quads, and my abs, and my triceratops, and my hexagons. Brah, I’m totally sweatin’ it and makin’ myself into a specimen, brah. Brah. Brah. BRAH BRAH BRAH!!!

If you are a gym rat, you are there for two things. To keep in ridiculous shape, or to pick up members of the opposite sex who are also in ridiculous shape. It could be both, depending on who you are. Whatever the case, you want to impress them with humor.

So here to sell your glorious sense of humor, are these funny gym T-shirts. So now they will giggle when they see you and think “oh, that person must be a deep, misunderstood mystery, and I totally want to f*ck them!”

The shirts are all available in whatever size, and they don’t just come in t-shirt form… you can also get hoodies, and sweatshirts and stuff! All with hilarious gym puns that are sure to get you laid… maybe.

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