Galaxy Bath Bomb

This Galaxy Bath Bomb Is Not An Actual Bomb


I took baths for a portion of my life when I was growing up. Then I learned to walk, and began using the shower like a normal person. I started question why we needed baths in the first place, and why they were all sized to fit an adult? A little while later, I discovered girls, and those questions were answered, because girls like to pamper themselves from time to time in the tub.

Many years later (as in right now), a new question popped up as I was introduced to something called the Galaxy Bath Bomb. I asked myself, “what the f*ck is a bath bomb?!” And you know, as it turns out, it is not something you use to take you b*tch of a stepmother off this planet.

No, it’s actually a ball of dried ingredients that go into a fizzing frenzy when you drop them in the water, releasing scents and lotions. This particular one is made with black currant candy scents, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to do that.

Galaxy Bath Bomb 2

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