Galaxy Scarf

Galaxy Scarf: Space On Your Throat!


We have recently seen a slew of galaxy themed clothing. I guess people just really wish they lived in space, which confuses me. Sure, space is beautiful and mysterious, but it is also dangerous as all f*cking hell! Space will relentlessly kill you in a second if you don’t know what you are doing up/out there. But whatever, apparently people want to wear space things.

So, to satisfy your consumer space needs, here is a scarf that looks like… space. Maybe now you can represent how easily space can suffocate you, by wearing a piece of clothing that could do the same! All while making some sort of fashion statement!

The galaxy scarf is made of Chiffon fabric (whatever that is; you ladies may know), and features a galactic image of the universe. It is about 13 inches wide, and 33 inches in length. I think the irony of this thing, is that it is meant to keep you warm. But space is very, VERY cold!

Galaxy Scarf 2$18.50 From Etsy

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