Risk Game of Thrones Board Game

Play This Risk Edition Of Game Of Thrones Board Game Or…Die


As you know winter is coming and it is predicted to be a bad one. What do you do when the power goes out and you have no laptop, kindle or iPad? Does it mean you are actually going to have to (gasp) talk to your family again! If you are already struggling with what to say to those strangers that live amongst you, don’t worry, we have you covered. It is time to pull out some board games and have a little bit of family fun.

Before you scrape the mothballs and dust away from that stack of board games, we have a suggestion. Why not buy some new games that will keep you occupied this winter. One of the best on the market is Game of Thrones board game version of Risk. Built up from the classic game we all played as kids. In this scenario, we now have a new map built out to resemble Westeros and 600 beautiful pieces. There are three ways you can play this game to try and dominate your family and friends. This is a true game of skill, and you either win or you die.

Well, that isn’t necessary true. If you lose, I guess you just go sulk and try again. So check out this game today on Amazon and make sure you win!

$84 From Amazon

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