Game Of Thrones Clue

Clue: Game Of Thrones Edition – Everyone’s Out To Kill Everyone Else In The Land Of Westeros


I will let you know right now THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS DESCRIPTION!!! I hate spoilers and especially with Game Of Thrones. Seriously, it seems like every Sunday night at exactly 10:01pm there has to be at least one oblivious little moron on my “friends” list, who can’t keep their mouth shut, and gets on Facebook to blabber about what just happened on “Game Of Thrones”. I want to hurt those people. Badly.

Game Of Thrones is probably one of the most well-written shows to ever air on television. On a side note, Clue is probably one of the funnest games from our childhood. So f*ck it, let’s mash em’ together!

Oh wait, they did and here it is! Clue: Game Of Thrones Edition! It works just like the classic game, except you are searching locations from the show. The character cards are obviously from the show, and the weapons used are much more badass than a freaking pipe!

Game Of Thrones Clue 2

Game Of Thrones Clue 3

Game Of Thrones Clue 4
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