Game of Thrones Coloring Book

The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book: WARNING!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


Okay, I am going to level with you. I say, Game Of Thrones is the best television show to ever air in the adult genre. Now, you are going to snap back and say “no, Breaking Bad is the best show”. So, I have to give it to you that Breaking Bad is the only one of the two that can call itself a complete show, because all of its seasons have aired; the show is over. Game Of Thrones hasn’t finished yet, and I realize that there is always the possibility (no matter how unlikely) that the show will start going downhill and will suck by the end.

However, if Game Of Thrones continues to do what it has been doing, which is just get better and better as it goes along, it will easily take the #1 spot, making Breaking Bad look like a walk down Sesame Street! There!

Now with that being said, this is easily the coolest coloring book to ever hit the market, because it doesn’t matter if the show is finished or not. This coloring book features 96 pages of intricate black and white ink drawings, that depict the heartwarming, bad-ass, and downright evil characters and scenes that we have been exposed to on Game Of Thrones!

I am really hoping that some of the pictures are of the more controversial scenes, like the red wedding, or when Ramsey cut Theon Greyjoy’s dick off! Hell, even better would be the scene after, when Ramsey is sitting at a table, eating a pork sausage!

Game of Thrones Coloring Book 2

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