Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends: Mother Of Bookends!


Oh I see, more Game Of Thrones stuff. It seems as the show just continues to increase in popularity, the more and more people are capitalizing on it. Which is completely understandable, because when people like something, they buy it, whether they really need it or not! I’m not downing on anyone for that, because I do the same thing. And all this GOT merch, I want it all!

I don’t even have a bookshelf in my apartment, and I still want this! These are book ends that look like Daenerys’s infamous Dragon eggs. And they are pretty spot on looking too! I mean, what better way to guard your books than with something will hatch and kill your enemies!

The set comes with 3 eggs. Each egg sits on its own base and stands 7 inches tall. Side by side, all 3 measure about 13 inches. You don’t even have to use them as bookends, you could just use them as a display piece!

$124.93 From Amazon

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