Game Of Thrones Fleece Blanket

The “Game Of Thrones Fleece Blanket” Will Save You From White-Walkers!


Game Of Thrones is much more than TV show. It has become like a bible for us. It’s a way of life! And even though we are pretty sure that winter just got over with this year, the show is constantly delivering to us an ominous message of “Winter is Coming”. So you are going to need a blanket!

Which is why we owe a great debt to the people of house ThinkGeek (if you are a Lannister, you’ll want to pay close attention). They have designed a fleece blanket for those shivering nights where you may find yourself beyond the wall!

The blanket sports a giant map of Westeros, so just in case you get lost while being pursued by white-walkers, you can find your way home. It is 100% polyester, and measures 48” by 62” (whatever that means,; in Westeros we don’t have the metric system). And just to make sure it is authentic to the 7 kingdoms, it is hand wash only!

Sidenote: do not actually use this as a map if you get lost. Westeros is an imaginary place, and Game Of Thrones is not actually happening.

$24.99 From ThinkGeek

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