Game of Thrones Lunch Box

Game of Thrones Lunch Box: Because Dinner is Coming!


When keeping watch on the wall to defend the seven kingdoms from the white walkers you’ll need to be sure you have a hearty lunch to keep you warm. With this high quality tin Game of Thrones Lunch Box you can let everyone know where your loyalty lies in true game of thrones fashion by crossing out the family seals of the ones who don’t deserve to sit in the iron throne.

You won’t have to eat the still beating heart of a stallion to prove you’re worthy of being a Khaleesi like Daenerys, simply show up to work with a sandwich and some chips, when you pack it in this epic lunch box your coworkers will know that it is you who belongs upon the throne. Did you say winter is coming? Good thing there is plenty of room to pack a thermos full of hot soup to get you through the long cold season of Westeros.

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