Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Game Of Thrones Monopoly: All Men Must Go Bankrupt


Without a doubt, HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most wildly popular shows on television. In fact, it has been uttered that this show has brought about the Golden Age of television. Regardless, people around the globe watch it for its amazing storylines, epic battles, and gratuitous nudity. I know there are many individuals that would love to experience the excitement of Westeros in their very homes. However, you would likely end up in jail or dead.

In order to keep peace here on Planet Earth, Parker Brothers decided to release Monopoly: The Game of Thrones edition. This timeless classic board game has been reinvigorated with the images and feel of the Seven Kingdoms.

No longer are you stuck with a thimble or dog, now your token can be a crown or direwolf! Houses and hotels have been replaced with keeps and villages. The basic premise of the game has remained…conquer the board and make your family and friends angry.

This edition is perfect for the Game of Thrones or fantasy fan. This is a great game to have in the house on rainy or snowy days. It’s perfect for just about anywhere, with the exception of using it as a wedding day game. We all know how well weddings go in Westeros!

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Game Of Thrones Monopoly 5$44.99 From Amazon

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