Garden In A Can

Garden In A Can: Get Ready City Folk!


As a chef, I am pissed off on a daily basis. One reason is because I live in a city. There is nothing I would love more than to grow my own fresh herbs and what not, but I just do not have room for a garden. I would gladly kill my stupid roommate and plant them in his skull, but prison just doesn’t seem to be the right place for me.

Well here is a solution to that little conundrum! This is the Garden In A Can, and it is your way to grow fresh herbs on your window sill! It’s like your own plant that you can plant, care for, talk to, and then devour!

It’s a can. But so much more. Your kit will come with everything you need, including soil! You just open up the can, put the seeds in, and watch it grow! It’s like the gardener’s equivalent to Hormel Chili! So get ready for fresh basil! And if you don’t appreciate the difference between fresh and dry basil, MOVE ALONG, GET OUT!!!!

Garden In A Can 2

Garden In A Can 3$11.38 From Amazon

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