Giant Fortune Cookie

Giant Fortune Cookies Promise To Bring Bounds Of Good Luck


What is one of the best things about getting Chinese takeout? If you are anything like me you can’t wait until you get to that delicious little fortune cookie. I always have the desire to tear into it halfway through my Chow mein. However, I always felt as though that would bring me years of bad luck or I would be tortured by a renegade dragon!

Today, I found a fortune cookie that is enough for you to toss your egg rolls to the side and focus in on this cookie as the main course! Just one look at this giant fortune cookie is enough for you to fall in love and never look back. Yes, it is possible to fall madly and deeply in love with a cookie!

These cookies are available in white, milk, or dark chocolate and are five inches in diameter. Let’s hope the luck that these cookies bring is just as large!

$19.95 From The Grommet

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