Giant Inflatable Gummy Bear Chair

Giant Inflatable Gummy Bear Chair: My Friend Would Eat This


I have a problem. I have this friend. That’s not the problem. The problem is that this friend has a problem. He can’t stop eating furniture. Doesn’t matter what you put in front of him, a chair, a stool, a sofa, he will eat that sh*t! Seriously, his apartment is barren, and I can’t invite him over anymore, because last time he ate my futon!

So here to make things worse, is this inflatable chair that looks like a giant gummy worm! So now my friend will come over and just start salivating like he is being put through a goddamned Pavlov experiment!

The gummy bear chair is made of PVC and includes a foot pump to keep you from passing out while inflating it. It is sized for adults, but kids would like it too, and it looks like a giant gummy worm! So that just adds to the sick nostalgia that is it’s awesomeness! I hope my friend eats this… then he would die.

Giant Inflatable Gummy Bear Chair 2

Giant Inflatable Gummy Bear Chair 3
$39.99 From Vat19

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