Giant Inflatable T-Rex

Giant Inflatable T-Rex: This Is The Weirdest Sex Doll Ever!


You know what we all need? Well, besides oxygen and water and such things. We all need a sex doll. I have several, all custom made to look like girls that I longed to have sex with in my early twenties. I am kind of a creepy person in that department I guess. I always just figured there was something wrong with me, and I was probably right, but then I stumbled upon dinosaur porn.

Yes, dinosaur porn. It is a real thing that people are into. Look it up if you haven’t already stopped reading this to check it out!

So, to adhere to all of you creepy f*cks out there who wish it was 65 million years ago, here is a T-Rex blow up doll. It is made from durable vinyl, and when it is inflated, it stands at 126 inches tall (that’s 10 and a half feet)!

Sidenote: This is not meant to be a sex doll. It does not have any kind of genitalia whatsoever. But you could probably hump it or something.

Giant Inflatable T-Rex 2

Giant Inflatable T-Rex 3$249.95 From Amazon

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