Giant Toblerone Bar

Giant Toblerone Bar: DIABETES!!!


About 29 million people (in the United States alone) suffer from diabetes, and we say that’s not nearly enough. There is just not enough candy eating going on for enough people to develop a bodily deterrent to sugar, and really make our favorite daytime commercial host a validity.

So, to help in the struggle to give the gift of diabetes to more people, here is a 10 F*CKING POUND Toblerone bar!!! I’m not kidding, this thing is freaking huge, and and for only 125 dollars, it could be yours!

The giant candy bar is exactly what it sounds like; a Toblerone bar that is probably bigger than your entire upper body! It contains a mere 23 thousand calories and, like we said before, it weighs 10 freaking pounds. And it is legitly made with Swiss chocolate, honey, and almond Nougat! That’s right, this product is made by the actual Toblerone company! It even comes in an equally giant, classic Toblerone box, you know, just for some added authenicity!

Giant Toblerone Bar 2

Giant Toblerone Bar 3

Giant Toblerone Bar 4$129.54 From Amazon

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