Glitter Beard Kit

Glitter Beard Kit: Are You Man Enough For This Rainbow Brite Look?


After years of watching Duck Dynasty, you decided that a full beard was the only way to go. For months, you dealt with itchy skin, constant trimming, and endless ridicule from family and friends. However, you carried on and have a full manly beard that you are proud of. Aside from the food and small creatures that get caught in your rugged manliness, you are rather happy.

However, after a few months, you start to get bored with your lumberjack look. You may even consider shaving the whole thing off. For shame on you! That stunning beard took months to grow and we are not going to sit idly by while you contemplate shaving it off.

Instead, we want you to consider going full on Ziggy Stardust with this glitter beard kit. Yes, you did drink enough coffee this morning, we said glitter beard kit. This incredibly awesome kit includes everything you need to turn your dull facial hair into a fire red glitter party on your face.

While a red glitter beard may not be appropriate for work or formal of vans, you will be the hit at any party. So take your manscaping skills to a whole new level in glitterfy yourself today!

Glitter Beard Kit 2

Glitter Beard Kit 3$21.69 From FireBox

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