Glow In The Dark Fish For A Night Club Atmosphere In The Tank


Have you noticed the lengths most people are going through to get a unique pet? Breeding odd dogs together and bringing home wild cats is becoming the norm. Everybody is looking for a way to be unique and stand apart from the crowd. That’s not really a bad thing, just when you bring a cat in with the potential to kill you, things become quite unnerving.

So if you are looking for a way to stand apart from your friends but don’t want to get eaten, we have just the pet. You want to begin your search with fish, yep we said fish. Fish are not only unique as they are, but easy to maintain and quite relaxing. Sure you could get some odd looking fish and call yourself cool, but you want to be the coolest. If that is your desire you have to take a look at these fish that literally glow.

Available in six absolutely stunning colors, these fish will leave your friends breathless and jealous. Three species are available to populate your tank, choose from Danios, Tetras, and Barbs. These glow in the dark fish require no extra care or work and add unique atmosphere to any room in the house or office. These fish are great for the beginner or expert fish owner and will lighten up your room.

Glow In The Dark Fish

Glow In The Dark Fish 3

Glow In The Dark Fish 2
$8.00 From GloFish

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