Glow In The Dark Mushrooms Kit

Glow In The Dark Mushrooms Kit: Grow this amazing mushroom at home, for fun!


You either love mushrooms or you hate them? It just happens to be that with a fungus there is no in between. I know a few friends who are still stuck at Woodstock due to some serious potent shrooms. Personally, I won’t go 10 feet near a mushroom as they genuinely creep me out. However, I found something today that just might make me love mushrooms a little more.

This glow in the dark mushrooms kit is all I need to add some very cool fungus to my abode. Imagine coming home to these mind-altering glowing green mushrooms? This is straight out of the Toxic Avenger’s bedroom! Once you have purchased the kit, all you need to find is a good log to get started with. This is the perfect kit for a gardener, mycologist, or just a lover of the odd and unique.

It should be noted that these are 100% safe and non-toxic. So you will not get any type of radiation poisoning from these glowing mushrooms! Just sit back and watch as nature takes it course in your home.

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