Goat Story Coffee Mug 2

A Goat Story Coffee Mug For Viking Hipsters?


There’s no denying it, that the Vikings were freaking bad ass! They partied like rock stars, slept with whoever they wanted to, conquered civilizations, and drank like fountains. And you may have noticed from TV that one of their favorite drinking vessels was from the horn of a goat. They filled that sh*t with wine and got plastered until they couldn’t see straight!

But, you are no Viking. Quite the contrary, you are a pussy. So you probably would have filled your goat horn with coffee, or Kool-Aid, or water. So, to indulge in your wimpy side, here is a goat horn shaped coffee mug. So now you can lie to yourself, and try to fool yourself into thinking you are hardcore as a Viking, when in reality, you are the equivalent of a Viking hipster… which means they would have killed you… slowly.

The goat story coffee mug is made of polypropylene, and is white. It is shaped like the horn of a goat, and even comes with a hand protecting sleeve, so you can be sure not to burn your wittle, fragile hands. No boo boos for your tough ass!

Goat Story Coffee Mug

Goat Story Coffee Mug 3

Goat Story Coffee Mug 4

$28 From FireBox

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