Gold Panning Kit

Gold Panning Kit: Quit Your Day Job With This Gold Pan Kit


Have you ever read a history book and thought you missed your time with the great gold rush? I always think if I had been around in 1849, my life would have been great. I guess, I will just have to settle for the luxury of the internet and bitcoins.

However, if you think you have the opportunity of striking it rich, there is the gold panning kit. You can take this down to your local river and pan for gold. Considering it is not filled with toxic waste and sludge you just may get lucky and find some gold nuggets.

However, I have the feeling that your rivers are similar to mine, the only nuggets you are going to find are going to be either brown or glowing green. Regardless, this is a great learning activity for children and adults who love history and the gold rush of ’49.

Who knows, you probably have better luck striking it rich with gold than a powerball ticket!

Gold Panning Kit 2

Gold Panning Kit 3

Gold Panning Kit 4
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