Gold Rolling Papers

Gold Rolling Papers: Smoking For Gold-fingers


Imagine you want to smoke. Now imagine you only have regular rolling papers. You think a regular rolling paper is enough for you, right? Wrong! At least that’s what someone thought and decided to make these 24 karat gold rolling papers. Yes, they are made from actual gold. And you will be setting gold on fire just so you can smoke, how great is that! Okay, maybe not so much.

Forget about boring smoke sessions in the office or on the street. Forget about everyone thinking that you are just another smoker and no one paying attention to you. Now you can have everyone’s attention, everyone will be looking at you! They may even start talking about you! It will be your chance to shine. Literally. Because you will be holding gold.

Are you convinced that this is a good idea yet? If you’re not, maybe you can just quit smoking and keep the gold, who knows.

Gold Rolling Papers 2

Gold Rolling Papers 3

Gold Rolling Papers 4$48.93 From Amazon

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