Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set

Add Excitement To Your Hobby With This Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set


Everyone loves golf! Standing for long hours in the baking sun, retrieving your ball from the woods for the seventeenth time, going all day without food or drink… what’s not to love? OK, maybe everyone doesn’t love golf… but everyone loves to drink! Now, with the Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set, you can combine your love for sport and alcohol in one amazing gift.

The rules are simple: first, place the set on a level surface – like your desk, or the top of your television set if you’re feeling bold. Second, take a putt. For each putt it takes you to make the hole, take a shot! Sounds easy, right? The tricky part is not to let your score go up as fast as your blood alcohol content. We bet not even Tiger Woods could play a full 18 holes of this game! Includes metal “golf” balls, miniature putters, a hole complete with sand and water obstacles, and six shot glasses, so you can get right to the fun!

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