Grammar Expletive and Rude Coffee Mug

Grammar Expletive and Rude Coffee Mug: A Mug For Nazis!


As a writer, I tend to get really annoyed with bad grammar. It’s just how I am. I mean, hell, we were taught how to write and spell when we were in the first f*cking grade, so how hard is it to remember a few simple rules?! They don’t have make sense, it’s just the way things are, so accept it! My friends get really pissed with me when I get on their Facebook pages and correct their mistakes. But hey, if you are going to write like 5 year old, I’m going to treat you like one!

So it will come as no surprise, that I LOVE this coffee mug! This mug proudly, and with vulgar tone, reminds you of the correct meanings of some of the most commonly abused grammar mistakes. For example, you have “Their”, “There”, and “They’re”. In the words, “Their” shows f*cking possession, “There” specifies a f*cking location, and “They’re” means they f*cking are! How grown ass adults manage to f*ck those up so frequently is just beyond me.

The mug is white, and made from high quality ceramic. It holds 11 ounces of liquid.

$10.99 From Amazon

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