Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug: Don’t Make Me Shoot You


Violence in the workplace is an all too real human phenomenon that has swept the globe, in a wave of tragedy and senseless spree killings. And I imagine that the main reason for that, is that people weren’t treating psychopaths with the sensitive respect they deserve. But how could they know? How were they supposed to know that if you tell a psycho several times a day that they suck, that eventually they might just show up with an AK-47? It’s not like it says it on their shirt or anything!

Well, here is a thought. If you ever encounter a coworker sipping from this mug, it might be a good idea to not f*ck with that person. This mug looks like a grenade, and perfectly symbolizes the fact that on the inside you are a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at the slightest provocation!

The grenade mug can hold a little over 10 ounces of coffee, soda, cyanide, or other liquids. It is made of ceramic materials and is completely dishwasher safe. It looks like a grenade, complete with the pull pin. The best part, is the caption though. It says, simply “Complaint Department. Please take a number”, and the number on the pin is 1!

Grenade Mug 2$7.62 From Amazon

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