Gun Target 'Miss You' Card

Gun Target ‘Miss You’ Card: Conflicted?


I have been through some really rough break-ups in my time, and I have never really taken to them very well. I don’t deal well with rejection, and i have abandonment issues, so when I get dumped, I always immediately become angry. I want to lash out at the person who has hurt me. I want to destroy them. But there are laws that prevent me from logically doing that.

Now, this card promotes itself as a sweet message to send to someone who has been away. It is a card that has a picture of a human torso silhouette that you would find on a gun target practice poster. There are holes punched in it that are missing the target, and the inside simply reads “Miss you”.

The miss you card is printed on paper with ink, and is an A2 sized piece, which means it is roughly 4 and a half inches by 5 and a half inches. It comes with an envelope, and is packaged in a clear sleeve.

The problem is that in the picture, while the bullet holes don’t actually miss the target. While they don’t really hit the scoring range, they are all hits to the actual torso. But they are randomly made, so you might want to request that they don’t actually punch holes into your significant other!

$4 From Etsy

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