Hair Catching Barber Cape

Hair Catching Barber Cape: This Is The Kind Of Cape Superman Should Have


We know how times are getting tough for everyone and sometimes you have to do what it takes to make ends meet. For many of us that means giving up some privileges we enjoy getting. One way we are trying to save money is by getting out hair cut at home. This may be by having your mom, wife, or girlfriend give you a quick cut. If you are lonely and just surrounded by cats this may require the assistance of the cereal bowl and a pair of scissors.

While we are busy cutting hair it is busy accumulating on the floor. And is there anything worse than human hair on the kitchen floor? I suppose the hair that winds up on the counter and in your evening meal, but that is another story and problem for another day. We are going to fix the hair on your floor problem right now with one every ingenious device.

Check out the hair catching barber cape and watch it fill all of your barbershop needs. While this device may not win any fashion awards it will help to catch all your hair and keep it off the floor making for a very easy cleanup. This barber cape reminds me of a pop-up tent that you might use on a camping trip and it actually sets up just as easy. In fact, while I was looking at it on Amazon I thought this would make a wonderful parachute in an emergency! It never hurts to be thinking about the what ifs in life, can’t always be cutting hair.

Anyway, take a look at the barber cape on Amazon for all the professional and amateur hair stylists in your life. It is available at a great price and really does simplify life quite a bit…at least the hair sweeping part of life!

$15.09 From Amazon

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