Handitaur Finger Puppets

Let The Handitaur Finger Puppets Take Your Rage


How many times have you watched a mythology-based movie and just found that all the creatures are just too gruesome and rage-filled? Even on Harry Potter the centaurs were rather mean and wanted to crush Harry and his friends. I guess you can only expect so much from a man with a horse’s body.

Although it would seem if you could run and gallop through fields of wild flowers you would be happy. I know I would be enjoying my time on this world. Find some unicorns to hang with and life would be filled with rainbows and pure awesome joy! Regardless, I doubt I will be waking up in the morning with four legs and the desire to gallop to work.

However, while at work if I have some rage issues I just might take out my Handitaur finger puppets and lay some serious desk carnage. If you have never seen a Handitaur your life is lacking some serious excitement. These finger puppets are designed to make your hand look just like a centaur – without all the fear and scariness. You can play with the Handitaur by yourself or pick up the unicorn and horse puppets and gallop in the fields during lunch!

Check this collection out today and have some fun travelling back to a mythical land!

Handitaur Finger Puppets 2

$7.95 From McPhee

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